Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter

Monday, April 14, 2014

Busy Weekend

My busy weekend begun on Friday night as soon as I finished work - I had to pack all of my stock for the local "Quilter's Easter Showcase" which I attend locally every year.

Then it was up early Saturday morning to travel to the venue and set up my little stand.  It was "Garden Treasure's" real first public appearance and was adored by many, with quite a few sign ups for this BOM - It makes the hard slog of putting together a Block of the Month worthwhile when people love it as much as you do -It makes the heart swell !

This "Friendship Day" is always a lovely day full of lovely quilters and lots of lovely trade tables. You can just see my Lucious Lucey quilt to the right it was her first public appearance too.

The organisers do such a great job.  Well done ladies !

Yesterday after spending the morning cleaning and tidying I baked an Orange Cake and sat down to stitch.  I have had some little stitcheries traced out for a new project for quite some time but I hadn't stitched a stitch in them as I currently have 2 Block of The Months I am working on - They got the better of me yesterday and even though I have heaps to do on the BOM's I felt I just had to stitch one of these new drawings.

Oops - Forgot to turn this pic - You'll have to imagine the basket up the right way LOL

So after a few hours this little block is finished.  I can't wait to start the next one :)

My lovely friend Jenny has today released her latest magazine so this morning I downloaded my copy from her store and have it ready to sit and enjoy at morning tea time.

Hugs - Fee xx

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Friendship Quilt

There is lots happening in the Ransley household at the moment.  I am doing some Easter crafts for the grand children including these adorable little rabbits which are a Rosalie Quinlan design.  I just have to embroider their little faces and stitch their tummies down and then they are finished.  Aren't they cute ?

There has also been some gardening.  Hubby asked me if it would be ok to remove some of the roses that had gone to briar in the back garden.  I returned home to this !!  A totally eradicated garden !  I have decided to look upon it as a positive and will re-design this area of garden.  He is off interstate on the weekend for a week or so and I plan to get a bit done before he returns.

I have been making little brooches and hair clips and other little crafty bits when I am not in the mood for stitching.  This tray of bits and pieces sits next to my sewing chair so I can just pick it up when the whim comes.  It makes it much easier having everything together.

Our litter of Tonkinese babies are growing up fast and are almost at the age of going to new homes.  It is such fun having them to play with but I think Beatrice their mum is just about over babies the poor thing.  I think she will enjoy the rest once they have left home.

And finally I am into the home straight with my new Block of The Month - "The Friendship Quilt" - I can't wait to show you it finished - Hopefully after the Easter break.

Enjoy your Thursday.


Fee xx

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lavender Sachets

When I go treasure hunting I always check out the book section.  I love to read but I also like to re-use old books so recently when I came across an old Webster's Dictionary with illustrations for $3.00 I just couldn't pass on it.

I have so many ideas for the pages of this book.

All of the pages have that lovely golden look of age

This week I decided to use some of my stored dried lavender to make some paper lavender sachets

I just simply folded each page in half and sewed around 3 sides.  Filled it with lavender and then sewed along the top.

I added a sweet little satin and pearl flower and now they are ready to be sold at a major craft fair I will be attending at the end of the year.

I just love making these - They are addictive !!
Keep your eye out for some old books so you can make some too.
Or maybe you might like to make some out of some old music paper.
Fee xx

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Upcycling & A New Release

I have always been one for looking at things in a different way.  When I treasure hunt I always look at clothing.  I don't look at the item as a wearable piece but rather what it is made of.

I recently spotted this lovely linen/Polyester/Viscose Mix Jacket from well known retailer "Millers".  The Jacket looks like it has never been worn. 

It is obviously not what ladies are looking for at the moment and was marked down to $1.

It has 2 gorgeous pockets which I will utilise and lots of usable fabric throughout.

It also has 4 lovely buttons to re-use too. 

Over the next few weeks I am going to try to use all of the fabric from this $1 jacket and make it into pretty things to gift.  I'll share my progress with you.

I'm always up for a challenge !!

I always listen to my customer's and today I have offered over at Fee's Shabby Shack a PDF instant downloadable version of my popular "Home Sweet Home" and "Cup of Tea" Stitcheries that were recently released in paper. 

To make the pattern more usable to people who do not have any feature buttons I have added an additional pattern sheet to each pattern.  The Home Sweet Home Pattern now includes an additional page with a sweet little house at the top which may be stitched or appliqued instead of using a feature button and the Cup of Tea Stitchery has a little drawn teacup at the top.

Each PDF stitchery pack is just $4.50 over in my CRAFTSY shop for instant download. 

I hope you enjoy stitching them.


Fee xx

Monday, April 7, 2014

Progress and a Treasure Hunt

What a week it was last week.  I ended up with a 7 day mother of all headaches which the doctor named a "viral migraine".  Apparently as I do not get migraines usually a one off is called a "Viral Migraine"  BUT if I get another then it will be that I all of a sudden have "migraines" again after being free of them for 14 years !!  I do hope it was a one off !

So not very much happened in the studio at all - I am making some progress with my new quilt "The Friendship Quilt" and am currently stitching Block 6 - I'm over 1/2 way now. It won't be long and it will be offered as a BOM

It seems so long ago that I went on a regular treasure hunt but I have begun to make time for a regular treasure hunt at the local market or at the local op shop.  I found this delightful little porcelain bust a little while ago.

Isn't she a sweetie ?

She has gorgeous Glass Beads and hand dyed lace

And all for the sum of just $1.00

She likes her new home on my dressing table

And I am very pleased to own her.  Have you had any nice treasure finds lately?

Hugs - Fee x

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Up The Garden Path Block 4


Have you been stitching Up The Garden Path with me each month?  Each block is released FREE of charge for the whole month for you to download.

It is going to be such a gorgeous little fun quilt with 9 X 6 1/2" stitched blocks. 
Today being the 1st of the month it's time to release Block 4

This is the sweet little wheelbarrow block.
If you haven't started yet it's not too late - The other 3 blocks are over in my craftsy shop for just $2.00 each.  Head on over there now and Download April's block for FREE.

Leave a message if you are stitching it with me so I can pop by your blog and check on your progress.
Fee xx