Thursday, January 14, 2016

Healing, Heat & A Birthday

It's been pretty hot here lately and with a lack of rain everything is drying out.  I am hand watering the pots and shrubs but I am letting the lawns and everything else brown off.  Water is just too precious to waste.

My Geisha Girls are continuing to flower.  I just love their pretty petite little white lace edged purple flowers.

And the white roses along the front of the house are having a final burst of colour.  They appreciate the drink.

It has become quite a routine wandering around the front and back gardens before the sun comes out to give it all a little drink.

I get so much pleasure from wandering around the garden.

Thanks for all of the lovely messages.  I had my little procedure yesterday and am a bit sore and stiff today but once the procedure kicks in I should have less pain for a little while in my neck - Here's hoping as I haven't been able to sit and sew with my neck bent for a few weeks.  I purchased these little pillow panels at an op shop a few months ago.

They were already sewn up and ready for stuffing.  Little Isabelle is having a birthday at the end of the month and is rabbit crazy so these will be perfect for her.  I am hoping that I can get them stuffed and sewn up today.


Fee x

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Tiny Break

Just a quick post to let you know that I will be back in a day or two.  I am going into hospital for a little procedure on my neck tomorrow.  I won't be away very long and hopefully it will provide me with some much needed relief !


Fee x

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Ramblings

It's another beautiful day here today and a little too hot to do anything outside but I was up early giving the tomatoes and garden a good water.  Hubby had some of these tomatoes freshly picked for breakfast and said the flavour was amazing.  You just can't beat home grown can you ?

Our middle daughter built a home and moved out over a year ago and left behind a few pieces of furniture that she had purchased off Gumtree and painted white in her previous rental property.  She has given them to me and they have been stored in the shed ever since.  I decided to choose my next make over victim and this dressing table is it.  I am thinking that I will paint it a combination of duck egg blue and white with the same handles.  I might just give it an undercoat today.

I found a bargain at the pet food store this week.  A 3kg bag of Eukanuba for just $10.  So we purchased a bag for Harry and one for the 2 fatties (Boo and Dreamer)

And the cheap coffee pods I purchased online arrived.  $19.99 for 60 and they taste just fine.  I got them from Catch of The Day.

I think today could be a book reading sort of day.

Have a great one.


Fee xx

Friday, January 8, 2016

A Diagnosis for Harry

It's going to be a pretty quiet few days around here as I get some much needed rest.  I needn't worry about any cutting or craft room duties as I have a new assistant in training.  Harry has learnt to climb on the cutting table.  There is just no stopping this little guy.  

He now has an official diagnosis - Spina Bifida.  I had a really good chat to my old vet who is now retired but ever so knowledgeable so we now know what we are dealing with.  Let's pray that he has no more nerve damage and can lead a full active life.

Have a great day.



Thursday, January 7, 2016


I am not a photography expert or a lighting specialist and even though I have a good camera - I rarely use it.  Instead I use my Iphone.  So yesterday I needed to set up a photography area for the new business.  It's going to be important that the treasures I find are photographed as best I can.

It's hard to get good light here in Tassie but I think between 2 different areas I have set up I should be okay to take fairly good photographs throughout the year. 

I am starting to get a few things together for props too - It's going to be fun !  An old cane basket, a wooden apple crate, a rusty old tin and this louvre door.  Of course I always have lovely linens and lace too.

I am totally in love with this cameo choker which will be one of the very first treasures I offer for sale in March when I launch the business.  I took some lovely photographs of it yesterday.  I just hope I can resist the urge to keep it.  That is going to be one of the biggest dangers with unearthing beautiful treasures - Letting them go !  I will try my very hardest.

I couldn't resist sharing this photo with you of Boo and Dreamer curled up together.  They are such great mates and obviously snuck away on their own for a quick nap - They babysit Harry most of the day and are ever so patient with him.


Fee x

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Some Sewing, Baking, A Visitor and a Lemon Tree

Did you pop by Jenny's blog yesterday to grab her free block ?  Here is my version.  I am using scraps from my scrap bin as I am on a craft buying freeze at the moment and want to try and use what I have as much as I can.  

 I love the simplicity of the design.  Jenny truly has a beautiful style.  I can feel my mojo creeping back so get ready for an influx of sewing photographs in the coming weeks.

Hubby and I do have a small slush fund by saving our gold coins.  We had no real purpose for them for the interim but decided to lash out and buy ourselves a lemon tree.  I couldn't believe how expensive they are - $60 !  I shall look after it extra well.

But it already has 7 lemons on it so it looks like it's going to repay us almost instantly with some fruit.

We also bought some lettuce seedlings.  It will be great to just pick some lettuce as we need it.

Whilst I was picking apricots I found I had a blue tongue lizard as a visitor.  It was terrified of me and slid under the rabbit fence into the vegetable patch.  Boy it was fat !  Maybe it is expecting? I may have lots of little lizards around the veggy patch soon.

Morning Tea this week has been extra special with these melting moments on the menu - Some people know them as yo yo's.  It has been many years since I have made them but it won't be too much longer before I make them again - They are delicious !  And have no eggs so even better for the weekly budget.

Little Harry is continuing to grow.  He runs around really well considering his back half is twisted when he walks and runs - He seems to lead a full life.  He will be off to the vet next week for a check up and a vaccination.  He has become an office kitty and sleeps at my feet under the desk.  He is a real time waster as we love to sit and play and have little cuddles.

Have a great day.  I'm off this morning to take Toby to the doggy hairdresser for a well overdue hair cut.


Fee x

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Raspberry and Cherry Plum Cordial

Some weeks ago I was gifted this bottle of home made cordial.  It is just divine when mixed with some chilled water and ice blocks.  So refreshing, not overly sweet and NO yukky numbers on the label.

I have never made cordial before so decided to experiment and play with a recipe I found online for my thermomix.  I boiled up a bot of cherry plums in water and strained off the beautiful pink broth once the fruit and skin had fallen away from the stone.

I blended up 500g of raspberries to a liquid and then added 500ml of the cherry plum liquid, 500g of sugar and the juice of one lemon.  I cooked it at 100 degrees for 30 minutes on Speed 3 on my Thermomix.

Then I strained the liquid through a sieve to remove the majority of the raspberry seeds.

And then bottled my mixture.  Mine is a lot thicker than the one I was given so I think that the liquid (cherry plum or water) should have been more - Maybe double.  I have plenty more cherry plums so I will play around with the recipe some more.

Simply add a little cordial mix to a glass top with chilled water and some ice cubes and you have a lovely home made refreshing drink for a hot summer's day.  Now I am dreaming up lots of other combinations of fruits as they become available.

Today is the start of my friend Jenny's "Gentle Domesticity" FREE Block of the Month over on her BLOG.  I am going to stitch along.  Will you join me?


Fee xx