Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lucy Boston

I have been bitten by a bug.  The Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses Bug.

I have been admiring other people's blocks on Pinterest for some time now and finally I have made a start on my very own quilt - In pretties of course.

I just can't explain to you the joy that each block is bringing to me.  I am totally in love with this project and am finally cutting into some of my most precious shabby fabrics.

There are lots of finished quilts on the internet including this gorgeous one from HERE.

Stay tuned for lots more blocks.

Hugs - Fee x

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Catching Up

Sometimes it would be wonderful to be able to slow down life to a crawl and not have a care in the world like my adorable little grandson Josh above but unfortunately as adults we just have to deal with whatever life dishes out.  Sometimes we cope - Sometimes we don't and sometimes we wonder how much more our shoulders can take.  It can be the littlest things that become the final straw ..........

Anyway enough of that !

I have been trying to get a little stitching done of an evening where time permits and have begun a little blanket to give to Josh for Christmas - It has cute little red polka dot trains appliqued on so far.  Not sure what I'll do to it next but I am going to put minky on the back so it is totally snuggable :)

I have been going really well with my new eating habits - I have been baking a few different slices and cakes to ensure that we have healthy snacks when the whim comes.  This one is a delightful PALEO Berry Coconut Slice which I discovered HERE.

And I've been playing with a few little vignettes around our home.  I love to have little table displays.

They always make me smile.

Enjoy your week.


Fee x

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Family Room Make Over

It's been a long few weeks with renovations.  Having a completely pine lined home has lots of drawbacks including the fact that the painter sanded before painting and between coats.  He did this to get a great finish but the mess was .........  well let's say I didn't cope very well ........
Anyway here is our family room with the doors which lead out into our breeze through where we stored some of the furniture whilst we painted.
And here is the same view just 10 days later.  Freshly painted white walls and lime washed bamboo floors.  The change is enormous - It's almost like we are in someone else's home.
This is the other end of the room
And now
Hubby had some import into the interior decorating.  He fell in love with this painting so we just had to have it for our new space.  I quite like it too.
We are still working on the kitchen and bedroom areas.  I'll share some pics once we are done.
The kitchen has been a budget makeover as we could not afford to replace our kitchen but it has come up well with a lick of paint.  We are just waiting on the electrician to change our brown power point covers and for the kitchen guy to do our new splashbacks (the only thing we have replaced).  Hopefully it will all be done soon and I can get back to the sewing room !!
Hugs - Fee xx

Monday, August 4, 2014

Where Did The Week Go ? Block 8 Released !

The week whizzed by and the weekend is over and I feel like I should be doing what Toby loves to do.  Doesn't he look comfy?

Ruby loves to sleep too - Animals are very fortunate to get so much sleep - I am very envious !!
The only crafting I managed was a little bit of hexy gluing on Friday night.  At least I have them ready to stitch this week if time permits.

I am trying to follow a grain and sugar free diet at the moment - I recently read a wonderful book about the effects of grains on the body and a lot of the health issues rang true with me so I have decided to give it a try.  I had a bit of fun over the weekend experimenting with some recipes - Here is a delicious Orange Cake I made - It is delicious !!
Are you stitching UP THE GARDEN PATH with me?  I released Block 8 on Friday - You can download it FREE from my CRAFTSY store.
I'll be back tomorrow with a renovation update.  The family room is finished and our bedroom is almost put back together !!
Fee xx


Friday, July 25, 2014

Cooped Up

Hubby and I are feeling cooped up this week after being confined to just 1 room of the house - My studio!  Our mattress is on the floor and all of the furniture is moved over to make room for it so it has been a fairly disruptive week whilst the painters are here but we know it is no pain no gain !
The painters will finish on Monday afternoon and the new floors are installed on Tuesday so the house can begin to be put back together on Tuesday night after work - We can't wait !!
As I am not able to get to much of my sewing this week I decided to have a paper piecing week which is the easiest for me to do in this situation.  I have prepped some blocks from "This Goes With That" and also some flowers for my Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt.

I love doing these and must make more time for them !

It is fun looking for fabric suitable for fussy cutting and even much more fun seeing the flower come together

And I have started the boring white hexagons for around the centre medallion of the quilt.  Hopefully I can attach some flowers really soon.
Hugs - Fee x

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Craft & Quilting Shopping at the Sydney Craft Fair

Not only did I have a great time on my stand at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Show but I had a great time buying supplies too.  I bought this gorgeous little kit from the Hatched and Patched stand which is in adorable Tilda fabrics.

I added quite a few pretties to my growing Cottage Garden Threads stash
I bought some beads and accessories with a project or two in mind

I bought this gorgeous table runner kit from Appleyard Cottage which I had adored  on facebook before the show and bought it on the first day - Lucky for me as she sold out later that afternoon.

And these lovely pink and red fabrics - I have been collecting pinks and reds for a specific project in my future

I added to my paper piecing template and papers collection
And I bought these gorgeous fabrics for an applique quilt I have designed - I can't wait to make a start on it - I have already named it "Rainy Days"
And I bought this adorable Sue Daley kit - There was so much to see at the fair and so many lovely things - But I spent my whole budget and couldn't possibly bring anything else home with me.
This weekend we are making the final decision on the colour of our bamboo flooring for our family area.  The one on the left hand side has won.  Hopefully we will have it installed soon.
Hugs - Fee xx

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The after Photos !

Today I have the AFTER photo's to share with you.  I am so pleased with the way the walls and ceilings came up.  Our new painter did an amazing job and he is just so neat !  I changed a few things around and am just loving how the entrance foyer is looking.

The dining room is looking great too.  We have been to Beacon Lighting and have chosen new ceiling pendants so we just have to wait for them to arrive and have them installed over the dining table.

Looking up the entrance stairs from the front door.

The dining room has a lovely homely feel.
And here is one little area I was determined to make in the new change around of our home - A little reading corner.  Both Amy and I love to read so this nice quite corner will be perfect for curling up with a good book and a quilt.
This weekend will be spent dismantling the remaining 4 rooms.  I will remember to take some before shots this time.
Hugs - Fee xx